About CCI Consulting


CCI Consulting stands for Cultural and Creative Industries Consulting. We aim to help our clients from different cultural backgrounds understand each other and provide the best solutions to them.


With the background in cultural and creative industries, we have good understanding in both Chinese culture and Western culture. We can help our clients from short visit to business plan.


We specialise in working alongside companies who are eager to link with China but are finding it difficult to communicate effectively with the Chinese people involved. We offer fantastic deals which allow Chinese people to feel confident and comfortable within your business.


We are currently working to help businesses who are interested in liasing with China, providing them with the building blocks to communicate effectively with their newly hired Chinese staff. We also provide cultural advice due to the vast differences between the UK and China.


Increasingly, managers must deal with multiple ethnic groups with very different. It is important to recognize that people from different cultures have are different in a variety of ways.


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